Professional translator from Oubour, Egypt

"Since 2007, the team members of Middle East Localizers have been helping various clients all over the world to reach their target markets and achieve their highest goals. Yet, we are up and ready to give a hand to other clients who are willing to localize their products and services globally."

Native in Arabic, Persian, Urdu & Turkish.

Working languages

English to Arabic
French to Arabic
English to Persian
English to Turkish
English to Urdu


Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Civil Engineering / Construction
Corporate Social Responsibility
Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
Information Technology
Internet, e-commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Mechanical / Manufacturing
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Shipping / Sailing / Maritime

I graduated from the faculty of Alsun (Languages) in 1995. The main specialization was translation and English language. I now run a team of translators and DTPiers.

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