Professional translator from , United States

"I've been translating part-time for the past several years and am slowly making the transition to full-time. My areas of expertise include: education, sports/fitness, religion, literature, and psychology/social sciences."

Native in English

Working languages

Italian to English
Spanish (Spain) to English
Spanish (Latin America) to English


Internet, e-commerce
Literary Translations
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Private Correspondence, Letters
Social Science
Travel & Tourism

Hello, I've worked as a school-based counselor for the past 18 years. Somewhere along the way I discovered my nerdiness/passion for languages, learned fluent Spanish, earned a Certificate in Translation from NYU, and have translated some things that you can see on my resume or even As the son of immigrants, switching between languages (Italian/English) became second nature. Would love the opportunity to help you with your translation needs.

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