Professional translator from Seoul, Korea, Republic of

"Worked as a full-time worker at a Japanese company (IT). Currently working in many different fields including cosmetics, fashion, games, tourism, catalogues as a translator."

Native in Korean

Working languages

Japanese to Korean
English to Korean


Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cosmetics / Beauty
Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Games / Video Games / Casino
General Business / Commerce
Information Technology
Internet, e-commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Private Correspondence, Letters
Social Science
Travel & Tourism

Triton floor map - Translation of education material(products manual) - Asahi Kasei Pharma of New product Kit Q&A - The Hague Convention DTP check etc. 2016 - Cle de peau BEAUTE new product introduction and manuals - Official website for tourists in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan - Savor Japan (Korean web pages) - Toyo Ink&Compliance Industry research material etc. 2015 - System specification - Network application localization - Mobile application manuals - Official website of Nakatsu castle etc.

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