Traducteur professionnel de Kongens Lyngby, Danemark

"I hold a Master's degree in Spanish from the Copenhagen Business School and a Bachelor's in English (translation and interpretation). I am a native Danish speaker and I translate English and Spanish into a fluent and contemporary Danish."

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Anglais vers le Danois
Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Danois


Cosmétique / Beauté
Cuisine / Arts culinaires
Internet / Commerce électronique
Traductions littéraires
Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Correspondance privée / Lettres
Voyages / Tourisme

Hello there! I was born and raised in Denmark and Danish is my native tongue. However, I have spent long periods of time in Spain with my Spanish family as my father was from the island of Majorca. For many years, I worked in international environments (marketing departments) with many native English speakers doing graphic design, copy writing and translation. I also did a few freelance translations in my spare time. In 2016, however, I decided to translate on a full time scale and open my own business. Best decision ever - I love it! I translate from English and Spanish (and sometimes also from Catalan and Swedish) into a fluent, contemporary Danish, primarily – but not only – within the following areas: - Movie synopses - Marketing - Tourism - Food and culinary arts - General language - Journalism (newspaper articles) - Software and app descriptions - Graphics and drawing - Clothes and fashion - Literature - Adult content. For more information, please visit my web page: Looking forward to working with you! Best regards, Isabella

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