Traducteur professionnel de Granada, Espagne

"I have been translated on an off-and-on basis ever since 1985 to date. Most of my translations have been from Spanish into English. I have transformed letters of intent content that led to successful business joint ventures. I am good at spotting cultural differences and smoothing out differences."

Natif en Espagnol (Amérique latine) & Anglais.
Traducteur assermenté de Anglais-Espagnol (Amérique latine)

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Anglais vers le Espagnol (Amérique latine)
Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Espagnol (Amérique latine)


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I grew up speaking English in Argentina, where I was born and schooled in Spanish. Before graduating a public translator of English from the National University of Cordoba, I had already been translating and teaching English for a number of years. I consider myself a self-taught, and as such I cannot help feeling the urge to continue learning, everything, from new areas of expertise to enhance my knowledge on CAT tools. I interpreted and interacted business-wise in New Zealand and Australia, after having translated into English manuals about finger-jointing machines and moulders. I translated tango books into English, automotive procedure instructions into Spanish, film subtitles into English, and all I have done I have done it with passion, from a single sentence to a poem to an entire book.

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