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"I've got Master's Degree in English Literature, Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Diploma in Foreign Languages. I have been working as a freelance translator and a private tutor since 2012. I can offer you accurate translation done on time."

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My name is Rufina. I was born in 1986. I come from Uzbekistan. My native language is Russian. Since my childhood I have always been fond of reading and learning foreign languages. When I was a teenager, I tried to read at least 2 books a week as it was my hobby. I studied at the Academic Lyceum where I got a diploma in foreign languages . After that I entered the Uzbek State World Languages University and got my Bachelor's Degree (English Language) and Master's Degree (English Literature). After graduating the university I started working as an English teacher at the Lyceum where I used to study. I had been working there for 2 years before I was offered a job in Partnership for Peace Learning Center under the Ministry of Defence. There I worked as a teacher and a translator. Then after two years of working experience as a translator I decided to leave this place of work and to work independently. It was in 2012, so since then I have worked as a freelance translator and a tutor. I really love my job.

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