Traducteur professionnel de Dursley, Royaume-Uni

"I am a freelance Spanish / Portuguese to English legal and financial translator. I have over fifteen years experience gained both in-house at KPMG, Web Financial and Durrants Media Monitoring and as a freelance translator collaborating with professional services firms, multinationals and SMEs."

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Langues que je traduis

Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Anglais (Royaume-Uni)
Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Anglais
Espagnol (Amérique latine) vers le Anglais (Royaume-Uni)
Espagnol (Amérique latine) vers le Anglais
Portugais (Europe) vers le Anglais (Royaume-Uni)
Portugais (Europe) vers le Anglais
Portugais (Brésil) vers le Anglais (Royaume-Uni)
Portugais (Brésil) vers le Anglais


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Having studied Spanish and Portuguese at Manchester University, as part of which, I spent a year in Brazil and Cuba, I then lived in Madrid for five years where I worked as an in-house translator at KPMG. Returning to the UK, I lived and worked in London as a translator at Durrants Media Monitoring, before deciding use the experience I had gained over the years to set up my own venture as a freelance legal and financial translator. I've now been working in this way for the past seven years and have built up some fantastic relationships with both clients and other freelance translators through collaboration and word-of-mouth recommendations. It's great to be able to see your business grow as a result of your efforts and perseverance, and to make some new friends along the way!

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