Traducteur professionnel de Malaga, Espagne

"I am a Greek native translator/editor able to translate a wide range of text types. I am a responsible person, open to new technologies, willing to learn new programs and terminology. I am a translation graduate of the Ionian University (Corfu, Greece) and I have completed a Master in Translation"

Natif en Grec

Langues que je traduis

Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Grec
Anglais vers le Grec


Cosmétique / Beauté
Internet / Commerce électronique
Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Traductions littéraires
Voyages / Tourisme

I was also part of the team that translated and proofread both the Nintendo 3DS manual and the Wii U Nintendo hardware and many software titles as well as the Software agreements, relevant IT material, glossaries etc. In the last years, I have localised large volumes for Android and iTunes Apps for mobile/tablets etc. Literary translation is my passion, I have translated a couple of books, the link to the first one is http://www.amazon.com/52-eyelands-Gregory-Papadoyiannis-ebook/dp/B00CW0PAIS. It is a “sentimental” guide for travellers, through 52 of the Greek islands. The next book, which is to be published later this year, is a classic of the Chinese mythology cf. http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Mountains-Seas-Penguin-Classics/dp/0140447199.

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