Luitgard, Traducteur professionnel Allemand

Freising, Allemagne

"I’m a native-speaking German translator from English (UK) and Portuguese into German. My professional skills in the fields of medicine, horticulture, social sciences and tourism together with my intercultural experiences help me to deliver spot-on and nuanced translations."

Langues que je traduis

Anglais (Royaume-Uni) Allemand
Portugais (Brésil) Allemand


Traduction Histoire / Archéologie
Traduction Médecine / Pharmacie
Traduction Religion
Traduction Sciences sociales
Traduction Voyages / Tourisme

Hallo! My name’s Luitgard and I’m a passionate, native-speaking German translator. I translate from English (UK) and Portuguese into German and my professional skills in the fields of medicine, horticulture, social sciences and tourism help me to deliver spot-on translations that perfectly meet my clients’ needs. My special interest in intercultural communications ensures that the texts will suit the German market whilst preserving all the nuances of the original copy. After getting my Diploma (corresponds to the English MA) in Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau, I went into international marketing with an IT start-up company. Later, I switched to teaching and offering in-house training of Portuguese, Italian and English for various companies and institutions. During this time, I started translating mostly for NGOs operating in Brazil. In order to get a better professional basic in translation, I trained for and passed the renowned Diploma in Translation of the Royal Institute of Linguists, London in 2017. Since this time, I have been specialising in medicine (esp. oncology, internal medicine, phytomedicine and psychology) and horticulture, but I am also very happy when I get offered texts regarding my “old” subjects in social sciences and cultural affairs (mostly tourism).

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