Hiu Ching

Traducteur professionnel de Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Hi this is Christine from Hong Kong. I offer accurate yet natural Chinese translation with a flair that can entice your target audience to try out your new launch into the market or invite them to embark on a journey of culture and the Arts."

Natif en Chinois (traditionnel) & Chinois (simplifié).

Langues que je traduis

Anglais vers le Chinois (traditionnel)
Anglais vers le Chinois (simplifié)


Responsabilité sociale organisationnelle
Cosmétique / Beauté
Cuisine / Arts culinaires
Énergie / Génération d'énergie / Combustibles et Gaz
Jeux / Jeux-vidéo / Casino
Traductions littéraires
Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Voyages / Tourisme

Christine Ko earned her B.A. in United Kingdom and finished her Master's Degree in Applied Translation in Hong Kong with four outstanding awards and a scholarship. For over five years she has performed English to Chinese translation and transcreation for international and local clients to suit their marketing needs and entice their target audience with creative flair, careful choice of words and keen understanding of relevant terminology. She is particularly devoted to the sector of luxury goods and services, especially when it comes to fine dining, high-end jewellery and fashion, beauty products, corporate patronage, cultural attractions, hospitality and gaming. Some of her translation samples that are not restricted by NDAs are shown below.

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