Traducteur professionnel de Gata, Croatie

"My translation, localization and proofreading skills include an excellent knowledge of source and target language with special emphasis on the high level of quality of the produced translations that sound as being written in target language and not translated."

Natif en Croate

Langues que je traduis

Anglais vers le Croate
Français vers le Croate
Italien vers le Croate


Comptabilité et finances
Industrie automobile
Certificats, diplômes, brevets, CV, etc.
Responsabilité sociale organisationnelle
Cosmétique / Beauté
Électronique / Ingénierie électrique
Jeux / Jeux-vidéo / Casino
Affaires / Commerce
Technologie des communications
Internet / Commerce électronique
Documents légaux / Contrats
Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Médecine / Pharmacie
Sciences sociales
Voyages / Tourisme

My success is strengthen by a superior academic achievements with a MA degree in translation and education (English, Italian and French and Croatian as native language speaker) in 2010 with excellent marks. During the studies I was honored to receive twice a rector's award for excellence of academic achievements what has motivated me even more to develop my personal skills to become a professional translator/court interpret who can do his best in every situation to boost your business and make your products available to larger group of potential users. I have earned positive recommendations from project managers, direct clients, colleagues for hard work and expressing strong interest in learning new things while remaining focused and grounded attitude in all situations.

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