Traducteur professionnel de San Felices de Buelna, Espagne

"I graduated in Translation in Spain with excellent performance, but I sought to deepen my knowledge by studying Linguistics in the US, where I also did my absolute best. I have collaborated with UNAIDS, and I have also taken part in conferences and courses to further develop as a translator."

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Anglais vers le Espagnol (Espagne)
Allemand vers le Espagnol (Espagne)
Portugais (Brésil) vers le Espagnol (Espagne)


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I am a native Spanish speaker, but I have developed proficiency in other languges through stays abroad and my academic studies. I graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Salamanca, where I also attended extracurricular talks and workshops. I then completed my postraguate studies at West Virginia University, where I studied World Languages. There, I was also able to present my academic work at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, where I talked about constrained translation, especifically about the translation of comics. I have also developed professionally as a translator through a collaboration with UNAIDS, for whom I carried out tranlations and revised texts for their Spanish website as part of a team.

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