María Claudia

Traducteur professionnel de Lima, Pérou

"Professional freelance translator since 1999. Over this period I have undertaken many translation and proofreading projects for direct clients, but mostly for translation companies, in the following fields: mining, medicine, geology, IT, law, business and finance."

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Langues que je traduis

Anglais vers le Espagnol (Amérique latine)


Documents légaux / Contrats
Électronique / Ingénierie électrique
Génie civil / Contruction
Mécanique / Fabrication
Médecine / Pharmacie
Affaires / Commerce
Responsabilité sociale organisationnelle
Technologie des communications

I graduated as a translator 19 years ago and, since then, I started my career as an independent professional. My experience comes, mainly, from my work for translation studies, which has allowed me to move through different areas and specialize in some of them. My innate curiosity is a great advantage, because it motivates me to investigate in depth the topics in which I work and, in this way, produce texts that not only faithfully transmit the original content, but have proper support and appropriate terminology. Also, throughout these years I have managed to develop a high level of thoroughness, which allows me to deliver a quality product that meets the client's expectations and in which my participation is not perceived at all, since this is the final goal of every good translator: to be invisible.

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