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"I'm an Industrial Engineer with more than two years of experience in the translation industry, specializing as a technical translator. I've translated texts in many fields (logistics, automotive...) and work with SDL Trados 2017, which I use daily."

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Aérospatiale / défense
Industrie automobile
Énergie / Génération d'énergie / Combustibles et Gaz
Mathématiques / Physique
Mécanique / Fabrication
Transport / Industrie maritime / Navigation / Industrie nautique

As an industrial engineer with years of experience working as a professional translator, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to meet your translation needs. I have a profound familiarity with and mastery of technical and scientific language, both in Spanish and English. The scope of my experience includes: professional translation of technical manuals, marketing brochures, websites, mobile applications and more. I am accustomed to high standards and tight deadlines, as evidenced by my professional and academic background. I have worked as a technical translator for more than two years. This has encompassed projects across multiple fields, from pleasure boats to military logistics, and thus I understand the importance of concise syntax with regards to highly specialized projects. Heavy machinery, information technology, and building construction are amongst the more rigorous subjects I have tackled in my work. I earned my degree in industrial and mechanical engineering at the rigorous Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI), and have regularly applied my studies in mechanics, aerodynamics, electrical networks, and more to my translations. Moreover, I have studied English abroad since childhood and am fully bilingual. Considering this experience, I believe that I can effectively supply you with high quality translations. My projects are always delivered by or before deadlines, and completed with the utmost attention to quality and precision.

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