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"PhD in Experimental Physics 15+ years research and teaching at Universities in Germany, France and Greece excellent, versatile style physics, chemistry, biology, physical chemistry, chemical physics, biophysics safety data sheets, REACH, product labels and information pharmaceuticals, authori"

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FEEDBACK (@, LinkedIn and private) ○ We love working with Anna. She is fast, efficient and accurate! – technical translations ○ Thanks for the great cooperation, Anna. – medical/technical translations ○ high qualified translator, reliable, it is a pleasure to work with her – technical translations ○ I worked with Anna on pharmaceutical translation projects on a regular basis and she always managed to provide an excellent work. She has all the qualities of an outstanding translator, combined with a great expertise in her domain of specialisation. Anna, it is a real pleasure collaborating with you! – pharmaceuticals, numerous EMA submissions ○ Thank you always for your hard and prompt work on our projects. – surgical devices ○ Thank you, they look wonderful! You are an excellent and meticulous translator. – marketing, technical, website ○ Project [...] which you worked on has been completed and delivered to our client safely. This project had small scope and volume, but it was quite tricky and complicated for us and you. You did great job as a linguist and we really appreciate your help. [...] – surgical material ○ Thank you very much for your cooperation on this complex project. Good job! – pharmaceuticals ○ [The proofreader] reported that the translation was exquisite. – pharmaceuticals ○ Thank you for all your help on this project. And also, thanks a lot for all the comments and questions raised during the project. You made us work better and improve the quality of the text. – pharmaceuticals ○ I am absolutely impressed. […] I do not have a single query after my QA!!! Everything followed and consistently applied. […] Thanks for making my life as PM so easy J – regulatory, labels ○ Yuhuuuu excellent job! – industrial chemistry, marketing

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