Traducteur professionnel de Tordas, Hongrie

"I am a native Hungarian professional translator with several years of experience in the beauty industry. I obtained my university degree in Spanish and Translation in the United Kingdom in 2015. I work with English, Hungarian and Spanish."

Natif en Hongrois

Langues que je traduis

Anglais (Royaume-Uni) vers le Hongrois
Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Hongrois
Anglais vers le Hongrois


Cosmétique / Beauté
Cuisine / Arts culinaires
Affaires / Commerce
Internet / Commerce électronique
Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Correspondance privée / Lettres
Voyages / Tourisme

After graduating from an English-Hungarian bilingual grammar school with Spanish as my specialisation, I started to study Spanish philology in Hungary. A year later I moved to the United Kingdom to study translation at the University of Surrey, where I obtained my degree in 2015. In the meanwhile, I spent 14 months in Spain to perfect my language skills. After graduation, I moved back to Hungary and started working as an in-house English-Hungarian-English translator and interpreter at Nu Skin. I also wanted to leverage my Spanish knowledge, so I registered as a freelance translator providing English, Hungarian and Spanish language services to several agencies and companies. I have provided gastronomic translations to Hilton Buenavista Toledo and Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, but I have also translated subtitles for movie companies based in California, just to mention a few of my partners. Primarily, I am specialised in the beauty industry, but I am always keen on taking new challenges.

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