Suubashini, Traducteur professionnel Malaisien

Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

"I do: Translation, Transcribing, Subtitling, Interpreting, Voice talent and Editorial/Journalism. Work: Certified and CRB checked Linguist in UK, Singapore and Malaysia (embassy, UNHCR, RSC, IRC, NHS (UK) etc). Ambassador under the Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia. Lead Linguist @Google Adwords"

Langues que je traduis

Anglais Malaisien


Traduction Comptabilité et finances
Traduction Aérospatiale / défense
Traduction Architecture
Traduction Art
Traduction Industrie automobile
Traduction Certificats, diplômes, brevets, CV, etc.
Traduction Chimie
Traduction Génie civil / Contruction
Traduction Responsabilité sociale organisationnelle
Traduction Cosmétique / Beauté
Traduction Cuisine / Arts culinaires
Traduction Électronique / Ingénierie électrique
Traduction Énergie / Génération d'énergie / Combustibles et Gaz
Traduction Environnement
Traduction Mode
Traduction Jeux / Jeux-vidéo / Casino
Traduction Général
Traduction Affaires / Commerce
Traduction Histoire / Archéologie
Traduction Technologie des communications
Traduction Assurances
Traduction Internet / Commerce électronique
Traduction Documents légaux / Contrats
Traduction Traductions littéraires
Traduction Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Traduction Mathématiques / Physique
Traduction Mécanique / Fabrication
Traduction Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Traduction Médecine / Pharmacie
Traduction Musique
Traduction Correspondance privée / Lettres
Traduction Religion
Traduction Science
Traduction Transport / Industrie maritime / Navigation / Industrie nautique
Traduction Sciences sociales
Traduction Télécommunications
Traduction Voyages / Tourisme

Hi there, Greetings and hope this email finds you well. Briefly on me, I have a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Master in Corporate Communication besides obtaining the relevant Linguist certifications from UK, Singapore and Malaysia. With sturdy Translation, Transcribing, Subtitling, Interpreting, Voice Talent and Editorial/Journalism experience over 14 years, I hereby would like to offer my service to support your organisation as a Freelance Translator. To date, I've handled various translation jobs, including but not limited to legal - medical - financial documents, articles, news and social media feeds, print and digital publications, annual reports, career manuals, SOPs, catalogs, web content, emails, newsletters, reports, press releases, fact sheets, whitepapers, journals, etc. My projects are from all over the world including Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other European and Asian countries. I also provide services to the Singapore and Malaysia Justice Department. In terms of Interpreting, I work with the embassy, UNHCR, RSC, IRC, NHS (UK), Immigration department (UK), City Councils (UK), Insurance Agency (UK), medical-legal-education institutions, social service (UK and Malaysia), manufacturing industry, group study, etc. I'm proficient in Bahasa Malaysia/Malay and English (for writing) and Tamil, Bahasa Malaysia/Malay & English (for speaking). To sum up, I eat, breath and sleep of Translation, Transcribing, Subtitling, Interpreting, Voice talent and Editorial/Journalism work while being an ardent language enthusiast. I have served as a certified and CRB checked Linguist in UK, Singapore and Malaysia. I am also an Ambassador under the Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia program since 2015. Besides that, I am a Lead Linguist on Google Adwords. If you find me interesting, I will assure your satisfaction with the end result. Until then, appreciate your attentiveness and looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you. Regards, Suubashini

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