Traducteur professionnel de Gevelsberg, Allemagne

"My name is Astrid and helping people to communicate is my passion. I am a professionally trained translator and conference interpreter for German, English and Spanish. I have lived nine month in Spain and I am able to make high qualitiy work out of my passion."

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I am a passionate German translator and interpreter. I have a Bachelor's degree in multilingual communication with a specialization in translation and a Master's degree in conference interpreting. Before my academic career I worked for six years as an wholesale and export sales clerk in a German company, so I do also have professional experience in customer relations and marketing. In my work as a translator, I combine my passion for language and communication with my knowledge of company and customer needs. My aim is a fluent, authentic and clear transmission of your message into German. That means, that as a professional translator, I do not simply interchange one word for another, it means that I will create your entire message effectively for the German culture, with all the adaptations needed but without loosing your authenticity.

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