Traducteur professionnel de Barcelona, Espagne

"I’m a native-English speaking translator of French and Spanish into English with two years’ professional experience. I’ve mainly worked in the fields of tourism and fashion, and have extra experience translating legal texts. I’m an organised and flexible worker who’s used to working with CAT tools."

Natif en Anglais (Royaume-Uni)

Langues que je traduis

Espagnol (Espagne) vers le Anglais
Espagnol (Amérique latine) vers le Anglais
Français vers le Anglais


Médias / Journalisme / Publications
Voyages / Tourisme

I studied a BA (Hons) in French and Spanish at the University of Manchester, which was where I first received training in translation. My degree mixed core language modules with the study of translation, linguistics and wider aspects of French, Spanish and Latin American culture. Through my studies I developed the ability to translate a variety of journalistic, literary and specialised texts in a range of different registers and styles using specialised language appropriate to each context. I gained professional experience as a translator working as a content editor at Wanup, a hotel loyalty club and booking engine. In this role I translated SEO content, presentations, email marketing, legal texts and blog posts from Spanish and French into English, following the brand’s tone of voice. I’m currently working as a content editor in collaboration with clothing chain Bershka. In this role I translate and transcreate web texts and newsletters from Spanish into English in order to create a more defined brand image in the UK market. My goal now is to establish strong working relationships and broaden my experience as a freelance translator.

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