Patricia, Traducteur professionnel Danois

Madrid, Espagne

"I am passionate about languages and I work with Spanish, Danish and English on a daily basis. I can offer high-quality texts and I always make sure that they sound natural. Moreover, I always edit and proofread the texts myself, in order to avoid any potential typos."

Langues que je traduis

Espagnol (Espagne) Danois
Anglais Danois


Traduction Cosmétique / Beauté
Traduction Général
Traduction Internet / Commerce électronique
Traduction Jeux / Jeux-vidéo / Casino
Traduction Marketing / Matériel publicitaire / Relations publiques
Traduction Mode
Traduction Musique
Traduction Affaires / Commerce
Traduction Technologie des communications
Traduction Télécommunications
Traduction Voyages / Tourisme

I am native Danish and I have studied business language communication in English and Spanish. I work on a daily basis with the languages Danish, English, and Spanish. I am working as a full-time freelance translator, content writer, editor and proofread and for this reason, I can deliver projects within a short amount of time. I have worked with the following topics: marketing, health products, IT, gambling, online betting, traveling, cultural events, translation of manuals and more. I am always open to working with other areas, but usually, refrain from working with juridical content, as I am not licensed. Example of previous clients or work related to the following companies: Søstrene Grene, Gelato, Nustay, StubHub, Bet365, and Unibet. In spring 2017 I wrote 140 articles totalling in 70.000 words during five weeks. Prior to that, ​I had written at least 200 articles totalling in more than 100.000 words while working for StubHub. During July 2017 I translated more than 20.000 words from English to Danish.

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