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"Translation is my passion. I'm a very curious person, with a strong desire to travel and explore the world, and with natural propensity to want to decode all aspects of reality: people, texts, cultures."

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Freelance Translator (CHI > ITA, SPA >< ITA, ENG > ITA) Areas of specialization: - poetry, literature, theatre, art; - tourism and travel; - business and commerce (import-export contracts, joint venture agreements); - technical (general); - medical (general); - financial (general). Education and training: 2017, "La fiscalità del traduttore moderno": WebLab organized by Langue&Parole, in collaboration with Biblit, AITI, TRADINFO, ANITI, STRADELab. 2017, Nuova Literatura / Nuevo Realismo. Caminos de la literatura española actual: International Seminar on Spanish Contemporary Literature Studies, promoted by the Department of Humanities (University of Turin). 2014 - 2017, Master's Degree (110/110 e lode): Graduated in Languages and Civilizations of Asia and Africa at the University of Turin. 2014, 都灵欢迎你! (Torino ti da il benvenuto!): training course for students that want to become tourist guide and tourist information centre officers, organized by Confucius Institute of University of Turin; 2009 - 2014, Bachelor's Degree (108/110): Graduated in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at the University of Turin. 2010, Cursos Internacionales: Intensive Spanish Course at the University of Salamanca (Spanish Language, Conversation and Editing, Writing practice). 2004 - 2008, Scientific High School Degree (99/100) at Galileo Galilei Scientific High School in Manfredonia. Literary translations: - Theatre Translation: Ambra (Amber; 琥珀, Hǔpò) - Liao Yimei (廖一梅) e Meng Jinghui (孟京辉) → Master's Thesis. - Theatre Translation: Il Signor Ye ama i draghi (El Señor Ye ama los dragones) - Paco Bezerra. - Theatre Translation (translation laboratory): La lingua in pezzi (La lengua en pedazos) - Juan Mayorga (staging of this play at Teatro Cavallerizza of Turin). - Translation: Three stories of Barcellona Modernista (Barcelona Modernista) - Eduardo Mendoza → Bachelor's Thesis. «Leggende, indovinelli e canzoni...» (L’infanzia nella Barcellona modernista) ← «Leyendas, acertijos y canciones»… (La infancia en la Barcelona modernista); «In casa e vicino al letto del malato» (La donna nella Barcellona modernista) ← «En casa y junto al lecho del enfermo»... (La mujer en la Barcelona modernista); «Vili e vergognosi segreti…» (La vita familiare nella Barcellona modernista) ← «Viles y vergonzosos secretos...» (La vida familiar en la Barcelona modernista). Digital skills: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point; Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator (basic knowledge); Smartcat, Outlook; operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X.

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