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Galician is one of the official languages together with Castilian Spanish according to the Galician Statute of Autonomy. Increasingly, autonomous or co-official languages are gaining significant social, cultural and business awareness. Therefore, if we want to position ourselves in this market, it is necessary to have business and corporate content and information translated into Galician by professional native Galician translators.

There are currently three million Galician speakers, and translating content into Galician may considerably improve a company’s image within the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

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Professional native Galician translators

Professional native Galician translators

When you ask us for a translation into Galician, we assign you a native Galician translator with experience in your sector. Every Galician translator must meet the following requirements:

  • * Native Galician translator
  • * Specialized degree in translation
  • * A professional who is fully up-to-date
  • * Extensive experience
  • * Specialized and experienced in your sector

Professional translation into Galician of documents and texts from any line of business

Co-official or autonomous languages are increasingly more important in all areas of the autonomous communities from a social, cultural, economic, and political standpoint. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to translate documents, web pages, contracts, etc. into Galician. Galician is spoken by over 90% of the population of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

In this regard, we receive requests for translation into Galician of contracts, press releases, catalogs, product descriptions, short stories, instruction manuals, web pages, e-commerce sites, etc.

You may request any of these translation services into Galician (or from Galician) to other languages.

Certified Galician Translator

On many occasions, our clients need to obtain certified translations to give them legal validity in the autonomous languages. This is why at we are aware of the importance of certified translations for our customers. For this reason, blarlo offers clients Galician translators who have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we provide certified translations from Galician to Spanish and from Spanish to Galician with legal validity inside and outside Spain.

In a certified translation into Catalan, the translator certifies with his or her stamp, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and his or her signature that the translation corresponds to and accurately reflects the content of the original document. Certified translations are always delivered on paper, signed and stamped by the Certified Spanish Translator, including a copy of the original.

We work constantly with certified translations into Galician, usually in connection to government documents, public tenders, notarized papers, or court proceedings. We can offer you the best translation prices and very fast delivery times.

Translations from Galician and to Galician

The Galician market has a large international presence due to its prestige in the tourism, cultural, and gastronomic sectors, which makes the Autonomous Community a very interesting prospect for customers from all over the world. This makes it necessary to translate from Galician or to Galician to maximize Galicia's presence in the global market.

Moreover, Galicia is a community with a high number of exports in the manufacturing, automotive, and food industries. In this regard, blarlo helps Galician companies with an international presence and exporting needs by offering a professional translation of all Galician documents into the languages of the countries receiving their exports, with the help of professional native translators.

  • Galician translation services for e-commerce
  • Galician translation services for the architecture and construction industry
  • Galician translation services for e-learning
  • Galician translation services for websites
  • Galician translation services for the tourism industry
  • Galician translation services for audiovisual content
  • Scientific translation services in Galician
  • Financial translation services in Galician
  • Certified translation services in Galician
  • Galician translation services for the advertising industry
  • Galician translation services for the legal and judicial sector
  • Literary translation services in Galician
  • Medical translation services in Galician
  • Galician translation services for the fashion and beauty industry
  • Videogame and software localization services into Galician

Prices and Rates for Galician Translation

The price of a translation to or from Galician depends on several factors, such as volume, repetition and field, but rest assured, it will always be delivered with the highest quality. At, all our Galician translators are native Galician translators and have extensive experience in translation work.

Get more information about our translation prices and request a quote for a translation to or from Galician. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.

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Anibal Ruiz
We’ve used Blarlo’s services a number of times and they’ve never let us down. They’re professional, efficient, and always deliver on time, all while offering very competitive prices. I only have positive things to say about this agency and I’ll definitely use them again for future projects.
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Our company needs to translate marketing documents from English into various languages regularly. In my caase, that’s Spanish. The quality of the translations and the format of the end documents are extremely good. Blarlo always delivers the translations on time. We are very happy with the results.
blarlo review
Aníbal Ruiz
We’ve contracted Blarlo’s services on several occasions and they’ve never let us down. They’re professional, efficient, and responsible with deadlines, all while offering very competitive prices. I have only positive things to say about this agency and I’ll definitely count on them again for future projects.
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Shaunna O ́keef
We contacted blarlo for an important translation project. The job itself was of a sensitive nature, from Basque into English and Spanish. They were aware of its importance throughout the entire process and provided helpful comments as well as a professional result. I was particularly impressed by the speed and quality.