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E-learning translation services

E-learning translation services

Professional E-Learning Translations

E-learning platforms have the ability to offer their training services on a global scale just by translating their written and audiovisual courses. E-learning companies have the potential for considerable growth with a professional and specialized translation. It has been proven that offering training in a native language increases student enrollment per course, as well as their satisfaction and ability to pass the course.

Self-training has become a common practice among students and professionals today. Users demand training content in almost all professional fields. While studying or learning something new is a challenge in and of itself, doing so in a non-native language makes it even more difficult and demotivating. Therefore, having training platforms, as well as course content, translated into other languages makes the learning more attractive and increases student enrollment, and consequently, the income gained from e-learning services.

E-learning translation services

Translation of training courses and materials

Training platforms are increasingly more ubiquitous in academic centers, in companies, and on the internet. The translation of online courses by a specialized translation agency allows e-learning companies to:

  • Attract a greater number of students by offering courses in different languages
  • Facilitate learning in the user's native language and, therefore, retain them so that they consume more courses or educational content
  • Solidify their position as an industry leader
  • Access new markets
  • Significantly boost their income
  • Improve online marketing for their courses Users are able to locate course content by searching in their native language.

It is worth noting that, in order to achieve these goals, it is essential to have a professional translation agency that is specialized in the various fields or topics included in the courses (cybersecurity, technology, human resources, science, etc.)

When companies train employees in their native language, it reduces training times and improves the results obtained from the courses, thus increasing business efficiency.

As an example, the professional translation of a course from Spanish to English may unlock a market of approximately 230 million native speakers between the ages of 15 and 65 in 67 countries.

If e-learning and training companies apply the strategy of translating their courses and educational materials, their growth may be exponential. Moreover, with a controlled investment in professional translations, the increase in student enrollment and income gained can be considerable.

Translation of e-learning websites and platforms

Not only is it important to translate the e-learning contents, but also translate your platform and website, in other words, to facilitate the access to the content, as well as the content itself.

In this case, it is absolutely essential to have a professional translator complete a specialized translation and a localization of the platform, since it will be the entry point for the users of the courses. This work is even simpler, since the content is probably less dynamic and specialized than that of the courses themselves.

Translation, subtitling, and voiceover of training videos

Audiovisual and multimedia materials are increasingly being used in the design of training courses, whether they are face-to-face or online. On many occasions, we find that this type of material is not fully adapted to the students’ native language, with the resulting negative impact on the students and the training center’s image.

The voiceover of training videos through specialized translation services, such as those provided by blarlo, can be the difference that helps improve student satisfaction and success, at the same time maximizing student enrollment and participation, but also boosting your e-learning center or platform’s brand image.

Prices and Rates for E-learning Translations

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E-learning translation service

Professional translation service for e-learning companies with recurring needs. Contact us and request a personalized translation quote. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.
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Translation service and post-editing for e-learning

E-learning translation service for large volumes of information (over 200,000 words a month). We offer you machine translation services with artificial intelligence and post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service for the best price.
Starting from 0.04 € per word
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Immediate professional translation service

For e-learning companies with very specific needs, we offer an online platform for immediate professional translation. Send us your translation request and our native translators will start working on your text in a matter of minutes. You may request the translation of anything, from a tweet to a contract or a website.
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