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At every stage of human development, effective communication has always been the best way to express feelings and thoughts to achieve goals and objectives. In the cradle of Western civilization, Greece, the power of the word was well-known, and throughout history, they manifested great mastery over it to transmit their wisdom and export their knowledge to other countries.

Greek is the official language of two countries. It is the only official language in Greece. But it is one of two official languages in the nation of Cyprus.

The number of native speakers of Greek is about 12 million worldwide. If we add up the number of people who speak the Greek language as a second language, this figure rises to 15 million.

And so it is essential for our Greek translation agency to translate documents with precision and accuracy, and to continue to foster commercial and professional relations between the Hellenic Republic and other countries with different languages. At, we guarantee quality Greek translations.

Greece covers an area of 131,957 km2 and has 11,193,366 million inhabitants.  It is located between Europe, Asia, and Africa, occupying a privileged place to carry out trade of a commercial and intellectual nature between all these continents.

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The Greek economy has traditionally been based on agriculture. The main crops are tobacco and cotton. Greece also has a big sheep industry, and its fishing industry is well developed in coastal areas.

As a result of the country's economic diversification, industry has grown to the point of replacing agriculture as a second source of income, after services. The main sectors are electronics, transport material, clothes making, and construction. Greece has the biggest maritime fleet in the world.

The tertiary sector accounts for 72.9% of GDP and employs 68.9% of the labor force. Tourism is an essential source of income, and the immigrant population is steadily increasing, representing a fairly high percentage of the workforce.

At blarlo, our professional Greek translation company, we place a great deal of emphasis on doing our work with high quality standards, so that your documents are clear and effective, help you communicate your message and ideas with complete accuracy, and don’t lose any of the sense of the original language.

Professional Greek-Spanish and Spanish-Greek Translations
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Professional native Greek translators

Professional native Greek translators

Based on our criteria, there is no one better at translating the contents of documents than a professional Greek translator. To this end, we have a specialized and highly qualified team of professional native Greek translators, who will translate any technical, legal, or professional text you may require.

We will assign you the right expert to offer you Greek translation services, and they will make sure your documents are impeccably translated from the original language.

Our Greek translation agency understands how important it is for your interests and goals, to be able to present your content to your customers, collaborators, partners, or business prospects as clearly as possible. For this reason, we guarantee that our translations are completed by the best professional native Greek translators.

The professional Greek translators who are part of our team are highly qualified, have extensive experience translating, possess official degrees, and specialize in different areas of translation, which makes them experts in the technical language necessary to understand your documents.

Every one of our professional Greek translators must meet the following requirements:

  • Are professional native Greek translators
  • Possess a degree in translation
  • Are highly motivated to continue learning in their profession and seek to continuously update their skills
  • Have extensive experience as translators
  • Specialize in a technical area and have experience working in the field you require

Professional translation of official documents and texts into Greek

Our professional Greek translation agency offers you the services of a native Greek translator who will take care of your official documents and is also able to translate the technical language of the texts, whether it is legal, commercial, or technical in nature.

At blarlo, we receive customers from all over the world who wish to translate their official documents from their native language into Greek or from Greek into any other language. We are able to translate websites, information dossiers, digital or print advertising, software, projects, and a variety of official documents into Greek for entrepreneurs seeking to establish links with a country with real economic potential such as Greece.

If you wish to see the types of translations we specialize in, we invite you to browse the sections below:

  • Greek translation services for e-commerce
  • Greek translation services for the architecture and construction industry
  • Greek translation services for e-learning
  • Greek website translation services
  • Greek translation services for the tourism industry
  • Greek translation services for audiovisual content
  • Scientific translation services in Greek
  • Financial translation services in Greek
  • Certified translation services in Greek
  • Greek translation services for the advertising industry
  • Greek translation services for the legal and judicial sector
  • Literary translation services in Greek
  • Medical translation services in Greek
  • Greek translation services for the fashion and beauty industry
  • Videogame and software localization services into Greek

Certified Greek Translator

Blarlo offers you the services of certified translations into Greek, which guarantee accurate terminology and fidelity in the interpretation of the meaning of the content of your documents. If you are looking for instant recognition when presenting them to official or government agencies, you can rest easy by leaving your documents to one of the Greek certified translators in our team.

We recommend that you hire our Greek translation services for certified translations, which are delivered on paper, duly signed and stamped, and are always accompanied by a copy of the original. This way, you will have no problem presenting your documents to official or governmental agencies.

If you need to translate legal, court, administrative, or notarized records, as well as certificates, articles of incorporation, or any document that requires a certified Greek translation, you may contact us and request a quote, no strings attached.

Prices and Rates for Greek Translation

We base our Greek translation rates on the number of words and on the type of document to be translated. An important factor will be the continuity in which you expect to request our translations and the subject matter of your documents.

At, we give each of our customers a personalized treatment. For this reason, we invite you to contact us and request a free quote. Moreover, you will quickly get more information about the investment you’ll be making if you hire the services of one of our native Greek translators, because we know that your time is very precious, and our goal is to help you accomplish yours in every way possible.

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