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Translation service with Artificial Intelligence

Translation service with Artificial Intelligence

Translations with AI

Translations with AI

Globalization and the expanding internationalization of business and content require the efficient and economic management of the translation of large volumes of information in multiple languages. Within this context, blarlo offers companies advanced translation solutions that take advantage of Artificial Intelligence with a hybrid approach, reaching the perfect combination of efficiency and quality.

The hybrid options are tailored according to the needs of each client, and range from 100% AI translation to 100% human translation, and any combination of the two.

Based on the client's needs, we design an optimal translation process for the company. This involves different tools and processes that we will create or adapt to suit the needs of each client, in a transparent way, so that they can carry out their translations in a simple manner.

Translation of documents with AI

This tool provides the simplest AI translation service and plays a key role in the rest of our services.

It is a framework, developed by blarlo, that enables you to request the translation of documents and texts through AI. It is very easy to use and allows us to homogenize the way in which we request translations via AI. Additionally, it removes the complexity of file format from the process, as it ensures the files are translated regardless of the format. The finished product will always be delivered in an editable format with the same style as the original—even for scanned documents!

For more complex projects, this translation engine can be configured to carry out translations from a private AI model, to manage the feedback and training of the private Artificial Intelligence, or to offer the best translations for each department and role within the company.

We personalize translation with AI

For clients with large volumes of information and recurring translation needs, we generate private and personalized AI models.

These models are trained and personalized with the client's information during the development phase, and all throughout the project life. They are private models in which we use the full capacity of AI, but where all the client's data remain fully protected and are used exclusively by the client.

The interaction with these models is always done from our AI framework, so that the client does not need to create prompts or program anything, which ensures a homogeneous translation process.

We train AI to improve machine translations

Many of our clients want to optimize the results of their translations and to do this, it is necessary to train the AI model, both during the initial phase and throughout the translation process.

This process consists of preparing the AI with all the client's information, using all their translation memories and glossaries, their website and all their documentation, etc. Once this initial phase is completed, each time a translation is carried out, our professional translators will provide feedback for the AI regarding the linguistic, grammatical and stylistic corrections, so that it can adapt fully to the client's needs and minimize the possibility of errors.

Our AI tool

It is a simple visual interface that enables us to standardize and homogenize the management of AI translations, without the user needing any experience in translation or Artificial Intelligence.

This blarlo tool also integrates the functionalities of file format management, and the personalization and training of AI. It is created exclusively to improve our Artificial Intelligence services with the professional experience of our specialized translators. This exclusive blarlo tool was created in response to the global market's new translation needs.

The best professional translators

The best professional translators

Since we are aware of the complexity that lies in each language, and the importance of cultural and social sensitivity, at blarlo we adopt a hybrid approach by integrating human expertise into the AI translation process. Through this combination of technology and human abilities, we seek to guarantee the highest quality as we take into consideration contextual nuances, cultural expressions and other aspects that go beyond pure algorithmic capacity.

As we have observed in many of our processes, it is essential to work with professional translators.

Here at blarlo we are committed to technological advancement, but without losing the human touch in communication. Because the truth is nobody talks like a robot, and every piece of content should be processed, localized and carefully handled by experts who are native speakers of the language.

The team of translators at blarlo is made up of experts who are native speakers and that are able to identify the nuances and mistakes that the Artificial Intelligence does not detect. The best part about combining a professional translator's expert eye with the processing speed of new technology is that you'll receive a quick and efficient service of the highest quality.

The translation service with Artificial Intelligence was created to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges of translation in an increasingly interconnected world. By combining the best of both —AI and human expertise—, we offer solutions that are efficient, cost effective and adapted to the revolution of Artificial Intelligence.

Prices and rates: how much does a translation with AI cost?

Translation service with AI

Translation service with Artificial Intelligence for large volumes of information. Additionally, we personalize and train Artificial Intelligence engines for recurring projects in order to obtain the best translations for your texts. You'll be able to maintain the uniformity and formats of your documents throughout all translations.
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Translation service: AI post-editing

Translation service for large volumes of information. We offer you machine translation services with Artificial Intelligence and post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service for the best price.
Starting from 0.02 € per word
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Translation service with immediate AI

For clients with any translation needs, we offer you this online translation platform with immediate Artificial Intelligence. Send your documents and our Artificial Intelligence will deliver your perfectly formatted translations in a matter of minutes. You can request the translation of anything, from a tweet to a contract or a website.
Starting from 0.002 € per word
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