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Professional Literary Translation

Literary translation consists of the translation of literary texts or works, while making sure the author’s meaning in the original work is reflected in the target language. Given its artistic side, it is one of the most complex areas in translation.

Professional Literary Translation

Professional Literary Translation

The translator’s main role in literary translation is to reflect the intention of the author of the work in the target language, which involves translating within literary or artistic genres, and not simply information.

It is one of the most complex areas of translation, as the translator must be creative and translate the literary figures of the original text into the target language, while producing the same effect in the target language as in the source language. The entire quality of the work depends on how well the translator manages to maintain the author’s essence and feeling. Moreover, the differences in context between the work’s original language and the translation’s must be taken into account, for example, a translation from Arabic to Norwegian must take into account the cultural context of the source and the target language.

Literary translation includes the translation of short stories, plays, poems, novels, comics, adaptations, etc.

Professional translation of books

The translation of books is a subset of literary translation, as a book is but the mere support of a literary work. This not just a word for word or phrase by phrase translation; the translator must see the entire work as a whole to adapt it to the target context and language.

At blarlo, we have professional translators who specialize in literary translation with a great deal of experience in the challenges that this type of translation poses. All of them translate only into their native language.

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Get your professional literary translation quote and start translating your texts in a matter of seconds. We are a translation agency that specializes in literary translation, which guarantees the quality and consistency of your content and communications with your clients in every language.

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