Translating into Chinese the contents of a company is necessary for expansion into the Chinese market, which is the second largest market in the world and has had GDP growth rates of approximately 7% in the past years.

The Chinese market is very attractive from the perspective of imports (1.96 million dollars in 2014 million) and exports (2.34 million dollars in 2014) given its producing and also consuming capacity. If we add to this context a population of 1.325 billion, it turns China into a scenario that is worth looking into by Western markets, and where the translation of business contents is essential to position oneself in this market.

Globally, only 2.2% of the contents are translated into Chinese. Therefore, it is important to anticipate and open up to a key market for international expansion.

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Professional native translators

Professional native translators

When you request a translation into Chinese, you are assigned a native translator with expertise in your sector. Each Chinese translator must meet the following requirements:

  • * Native Chinese translator
  • * Qualified professional specialised in translation
  • * Fully up-to-date professional
  • * Broad experience
  • * Several areas of expertise

Translation of texts and documents of any business line

Our clientele is international and comes from different sectors such as international trade, media, technology, retail, tourism, engineering, e-learning, art, the legal sector, medicine, etc., and they all need to translate documents into Chinese.

We receive requests for all types of formats, such as press releases, emails, instruction manuals, games, web pages, articles, catalogues, contracts, press releases, product descriptions, annual reports, books, applications, etc.

You can ask for any of these translation services into Chinese (or from Chinese) into other languages.

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