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Translation services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Translation services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Don't trust just anyone with your technical translations. At blarlo, we have translators who are specialized in the architecture, construction, real estate, and civil engineering industries who are ready to help you perfectly translate your documents into any language.

Professional translation services for the architecture industry

Within an architecture firm, a lot of documents are created, which on numerous occasions, must be shared with different countries, namely, technical documents, materials for competitions, manuals, etc. The translation of this type of material requires not only firm knowledge of the target language, but also studies in the field of architecture and mastery of the industry vocabulary and terminology. Moreover, translators in this field need to stay up-to-date on their training to keep up with the latest techniques and materials. At blarlo, we help architecture firms adapt and localize all their documents in different languages, always with translators who are native speakers of the target language, and who have extensive experience in the architecture field and knowledge of the appropriate vocabulary and terminology to achieve the perfect final quality result.

Additionally, our analysis process allows us to optimize translations, saving time and money, and we return all the documents to the customer in the same format as the original, preserving their style and layout.

Translation services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Professional translation services for the construction industry

As is the case with professional architectural translation, translations in the construction industry require translators with the expertise and knowledge of construction terminology and vocabulary. At blarlo, we collaborate with construction companies helping them translate documents pertaining to construction projects, construction contracts, information leaflets, engineering projects, equipment manuals, tenders, safety regulations, urban planning, public works, etc.

And since we have a large number of translators all over the world and management technology that optimizes time and costs, we are able to translate large volumes of documents in reduced times while maintaining high quality with standardized terminology.

Professional translation for the real estate industry

The internationalization of real estate services makes it absolutely essential for you to advertise your services to the largest number of potential clients. Therefore, it’s important for you to have your service portfolio translated professionally to ensure that you effectively communicate what your services are and their added value to your clients.

In addition to services, real estate assets are a key element in your company's day-to-day activities. The translation of the descriptions of these assets into different languages facilitates the access to and interest in properties, which in turn converts visits into sales.

Prices and rates for translation services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Get a translation quote for your company and start translating your texts in a matter of seconds. We are a translation agency that specializes in architecture, construction, and real estate, which guarantees the quality and consistency of your content and communications with your clients in every language.

Translation services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Prior quotation 0.04-0.12 € per word
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Professional translation service for architecture firms, construction companies, and real estate agencies with recurring needs. Contact us and request a personalized translation quote. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.

Translation and post-editing services for the architecture, construction, and real estate industry

Starting from 0.04 € per word
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Architecture, construction, and real estate translation service for large volumes of information (over 200,000 words a month). We offer you machine translation services with artificial intelligence and post-editing performed by a professional native translator who is specialized in the fields of architecture and construction. The best service for the best price.

Immediate professional translation service

  0.1 € per word
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For architects and building companies with very specific needs, we offer an online platform for immediate professional translation. Send us your translation request and our native translators will start working on your text in a matter of minutes. You may request the translation of anything, from a tweet to a contract or a website.
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Service contracted to translate an academic text. Excellent translation, very competitive price, very fast turnaround times, very good customer service. I recommend it!
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Very recommendable translation agency, they’re always there when anything comes up. Fair prices and good feedback with the client. I will count on them for future jobs
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Very professional translation agency with central offices in Madrid. Innovative use of the most advanced technology to maximize efficiency and keep costs low for users. Very recommendable.