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Videogame and software localization services

Videogame and software localization services

The digital transformation of society and the use of software (applications, services, videogames, etc.) in the cloud has facilitated the commercialization and use of this type of services on a global scale. That is, we can make use of any software product no matter where we are. However, to maximize your ability to attract customers and increase your sales by expanding into other markets, you need software localization and videogame localization to improve customer or user experience.

Professional Videogame Translation

The videogame industry is one of the sectors with the highest income in the digital industry and one of the sectors with the highest projected growth for the next few years, both at the national and international levels. However, it is also a sector with a high degree of competition due to the number of companies in the industry, the number of games that are launched every year and, as is the case with software, the degree of globalization of the sector.

For these reasons, companies in the industry seek to offer the best user experience, and one of the keys to achieving this is the localization of videogames with the help of professional and native translators.

Moreover, it’s very important to note that videogames seek to generate emotions in users; therefore, the translator should be able to transmit this emotional aspect through the translation, by knowing perfectly well the culture and society of the target audience.

It’s worth noting that video games are part of the audiovisual world, and when localizing a video game, on many occasions it’s also necessary to carry out the following activities:

  • Videogame translation and localization
  • Subtitling
  • Voiceover
  • Manuals

Professional Software Translation

The digital transformation we’re all immersed in has led to the constant growth and evolution of the software development sector. Moreover, the digitization of society has eliminated geographical boundaries and created the need for software localization.

When a company does their research to try to find software or an application that meets the needs of its management or production processes, a fundamental factor is language, since in most cases the software has to be used by teams in various areas, and it’s very important to remember that its use is meant to increase productivity and minimize the likelihood of errors.

Software localization requires high levels of specialization from translators in several aspects:

* Sector and area: In most cases, software and applications meet very specific needs within a sector (public administration, automotive industry, pharmaceutical, etc.) and an area (human resources, marketing, sales, production, etc.), therefore, for software translations it’s very important to have professional translators who are experts in both the sector and the area at which the software is aimed.

* Cultural: Software localization must take into account the specific language rules and cultural aspects of the target language to facilitate the use of the software. To do this, it’s necessary to have the translation done by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language.

* Context: One of the challenges translators face when localizing software is the lack of context. In other words, in many cases the translator must translate a single very short word or phrase that may be ambiguous and depend on the context. To do this, it’s important for translators to have experience in this type of translations, and be skilled in the use of software, manuals, technical knowledge, etc. that may help them contextualize the different functionalities. When we talk about the localization of software, we’re referencing the translation of all those elements that are essential to its commercialization and use.
This means that it’s necessary to translate:

  • User interfaces
  • Dashboards
  • User manuals
  • Installation guides
  • Technical documents
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Commercial and marketing information

Prices and Rates for Videogame and Software Translations

Get a translation quote for your video games, software, and apps, and start translating your texts in matter of seconds. We are a translation agency that specializes in videogames and software, which guarantees the quality and consistency of your content and communications with your clients and users in every language.

Videogame and software translation service

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Professional translation service for videogame and software developers with recurring needs. Contact us and request a personalized translation quote. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.

Videogame and software post-editing and translation service

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Videogame and software translation service for large volumes of information (over 200,000 words a month). We offer you machine translation services with artificial intelligence and post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service for the best price.

Immediate professional translation service

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For companies that develop videogames, software or apps with very specific needs, we offer an online platform for immediate professional translation. Send us your translation request and our native translators will start working on your text in a matter of minutes. You may request the translation of anything, from a tweet to a contract or a website.
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