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Audio-to-text transcription

Audio transcription

Convert conversations, interviews, audio or video into text, improving accessibility and SEO positioning.

Audio transcription allows spoken content available audio format to be recorded in a written text. For all your audio-to-text transcription needs, blarlo has a professional team of transcribers who transcribe audio from different formats including MP3, WAV, DSD, AIFF, ALAC into text.

  • Qualitative interview transcription

  • Conversation transcription

  • Audio interview transcription

  • Recording transcription

  • Legal audio transcription

  • Phonological transcription

  • Podcast with transcription

At blarlo, we offer professional audio transcription services with meticulous attention to detail and the high quality you need. Your important information in audio and multimedia formats is transcribed in any of the native languages offered by our international team of professional audio transcription specialists.
For a multilingual transcription, it’s important to be able to fully understand the audio content that you need transcribed to text. At blarlo, we ensure that we assign a transcriber with full mastery of the language and the subject in question to every job. This guarantees a full understanding of the message and therefore an audio-to-text transcription into another language that is perfect and of the highest quality.

Transcribing audio to text
Video-to-text transcription

Video transcription

Video-to-text transcription grants wider access to the original multimedia content with clearer and well-ordered paragraphs and sentences.

Video transcripts are important for academic and professional research, especially when the original video isn’t accessible or usable in its original format. It can also be useful for students, writers or company employees to have access to transcripts of meetings, conferences and interviews.
To meet your need for text-to-video transcription, blarlo has a professional team of video transcribers who offer the very best multimedia video transcription services in different content formats:

  • Interview transcription

  • Visitor tape transcription

  • Youtube video transcription

  • vimeo video transcription

  • Legal video transcription

  • TV programme transcription

At blarlo, we offer professional video transcription services for multimedia or video formats. We produce video transcriptions in as many languages as we have native speakers in our international team of professionals specialised in video transcription.

For multilingual transcriptions, it’s important to understand and perfectly match the content of the video that you want transcribed to text. At blarlo, we assign a transcriber with full knowledge of both the original language and the subject of the content of the video you want transcribed. This guarantees the message is understood perfectly for the best possible transcript of your youtube or vimeo video, or any interview or other content into another language.

Transcribing video to text
Text-to-text transcription

Text transcription

Transcribing audio content to text in an editable format considerably reduces reading and research time, improving accessibility.

Transcribe your non-editable texts into an editable or digitised format so it can be saved or amended more easily. Any current text transcription format streamlines your work processes. At blarlo, we can meet all your text transcription needs, transcribing non-editable texts into formats that can be edited such as word, pdf, epub or txt.

From historical documents to business texts, we undertake many types of transcription including:

  • Qualitative interview transcription

  • Historical document transcription

  • Manuscript transcription

  • Written transcription

  • Work document transcription

To offer you the best text transcription services, our international team of transcribers consider each word, comma or special symbol with meticulous attention. Text transcription requires unstinting attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the subject in question. Achieve guaranteed results in any language with a text transcription by the blarlo team.

Text-to-text transcription

Special transcription services

Transcription is a meticulous process that requires the best professional transcribers who have a full understanding of the message that you need to convert to text. At blarlo, we understand the fundamental need for special transcription services to be undertaken with speed and professionalism.

Literal transcription

Transcribe conversations, interviews, podcasts, audios or videos literally. Don’t lose any information, context or expressions with a literal translation.
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Natural transcription

Tidy up the transcription, omitting any irrelevant content. Our transcribers will keep the important information intact but in a more professional form.
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Full transcription

Transcribe any type of text or multimedia content simultaneously. Our huge team of transcribers will be able to undertake a full transcription of all your archives in different formats.
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