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Video subtitling

Video Subtitling

Audiovisual formats are acquiring huge importance internationally, both for business and social purposes. Videos with high-quality subtitles are an efficient way of communicating and connecting with users.

Professional video subtitling helps display your video on Google for any search, but it also improves the accessibility of all your audiovisual content for an audience for whom audio is a limitation, either because of language or specific circumstances. This is why blarlo subtitles help to improve the understanding of your message in that language and the quality of your video.
At blarlo, we subtitle professional videos to improve your positioning, quality, accessibility and to make your content stand out from other audiovisual content without subtitles. By working with blarlo to subtitle your video, you’ll make sure Google will find it and position it well, as it allows your subtitled content to be read. As a translation agency specialising in video subtitling, we offer professional services for:

  • Subtitling corporate videos

  • Subtitling video advertising

  • Subtitling business videos

  • Subtitling Youtube videos

  • Subtitling tour videos

  • Subtitling training videos or webinars

  • Subtitling exhibition videos

We fit your subtitles to the timing of your video and send them in the format that best meets your needs: word, pdf, .srt, .txt, .vtt, .sbv, .stl, avid, con, etc.

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Video formats and subtitles

There is a range of subtitle formats that contain all the necessary related information. These files organise and store content, subtitle numbers, time of appearance and disappearance with a timecode and the video file for subtitling.

At blarlo, we’ll send you the subtitle files in flat formats in order to make any content and your subtitles accessible. We’ll generate a plain text file for each video or audio with the audio transcript and the subtitle file in .VTT and .SRT format.

  • SubRip or .srt. format Flat subtitle file that includes all the subtitling information with no formatting. So, it will have all the basic information such as subtitle start and end time and subtitle text.
    .srt files work on most sites with video and audio format, facilitating usability.
    >.srt format video or audio subtitling
  • WebVTT or .vtt. format VTT subtitles are typically used in HTML5 videos embedded in websites. They are advanced subtitle files that contain information on subtitles, episodes, video descriptions, timecodes and metadata on the webpage.
    > .vtt format video or audio subtitling

Upload your file or copy the URL where we can find it and we’ll return the text file with your content in the subtitle format you need. Your audio / video in text.

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Subtitling services

Subtitling Services

The subtitling services in different languages for videos are focused on international expansion. High quality subtitling helps users from all over the world access video content in their native language, increasing the number of views your audiovisual content gets.

At blarlo, we know that subtitling is a meticulous process that requires professionals with knowledge of the sector and the subject referred to in the audiovisual content that requires subtitling. This is why our team of professional translators offers subtitling services for different sectors as well as subtitle translation services in different languages. Our multilingual subtitling services, offered by professional and specialist translators include:

  • eLearning course subtitling services

  • Online classes subtitling services

  • Social media subtitling services

  • Film subtitling services

  • TV series subtitling services

  • Documentary subtitling services

  • Conference subtitling services

  • Interview subtitling services

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Subtitling for Businesses

Video subtitling helps to index your content on search engines and improves communications with your users.

International companies are increasingly embracing the audiovisual format to communicate and connect with customers. Given this growing trend, subtitling has become vital for achieving engagement between the brand and customers, and also for improving the video’s SEO positioning for different channels of communication.

Make the most of the growing importance of video subtitling in the business world and make sure you and your projects are well positioned. blarlo offers a variety of subtitling services for the audiovisual, multimedia, training and video sectors as well as any company in any sector that needs to subtitle a business video

Subtitling content for business
Professional subtitle translation

Professional Subtitle Translation

Blarlo is an international translation agency that specialises in subtitling.

If your company is in the process of going global or you want your video project to reach different countries, it’s vital that your subtitles are translated to achieve the reach you need. Translating the subtitles for video or multimedia content makes it more accessible for users from different countries where another language is spoken, as well as making your message clearer for an international audience that doesn’t speak the original language.

At blarlo, as an international translation agency that specialises in subtitling, we translate subtitles to: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch and over 300 other languages.

Translating subtitles
Professional subtitle translation

Professional video subtitling process

To make video subtitles as natural as possible and ensure they are of high quality, at blarlo, we follow a subtitling process for any audiovisual project.

  • Content recognition. The first phase in which the video, format, language and participants are analysed. All we need is the audio input. We automatically recognise the language and the number of speakers.
  • Video transcription. During the second phase, we look for maximum precision, filtering out noise. We transcribe conversations in videos and audio in 350 languages, automatically adding punctuation marks.
  • Video subtitling. We align texts, synchronising them with images, respecting all the principle standards of the sector.
Audio or video subtitling for businesses

Subtitling Conventions

Subtitles need to adhere to time and space restrictions. In other words, it’s an ancillary translation based on the image and audio, fitting within a specific time and space.

Subtitle guidelines

  • * Each video clip must contain 2 lines of subtitles located at the bottom of the screen (for video images).
  • * Each line of subtitling must contain a maximum of 35 characters (letters, symbols or spaces). The number of characters that a subtitle can contain (in two lines) is 70 characters.
  • * The minimum duration of the subtitle is 1 second. The maximum duration of a subtitle is 6 seconds on the screen.
    The reading speed of a subtitle is 3 words per second. A full subtitle of two lines and 70 characters needs to be displayed for at least four seconds.

Subtitle spotting

Spotting is the most important technical part of the subtitling process, ensuring quality and precision. A meticulous process in which the moment when the subtitles are shown is calculated; the time they appear in each clip, when they disappear from the screen and the synchronisation with the audio.

During the spotting process, a natural text, with the same punctuation, spelling rules and meaning must be retained. The rules that must be followed are:

A hyphen (-) is used in two-person conversations. With a hyphen and intervention per subtitle line.
Italics are used for off-screen voices, songs and audio coming from off-screen or electronic devices.
The subtitle division must not separate a noun and an adjective onto two different lines, nor a noun from a verb; it must be a natural division.
Speech marks (“ ”), recognised abbreviations and numbers are used and capitals avoided where possible.

Subtitling Prices

€1.99 for every 10 minutes

Subtitling is a process that requires attention to detail in order to reflect the message you want to send accurately. Reproducing the audio in a written, visible format is a task for a subtitling agency like blarlo.

At our translation agency, where we specialise in subtitling, we transcribe audio into text format, translating the message into as many languages as you need. We adapt the content to the number of characters per second of video and we ensure the professionalism that your audiovisual content deserves.

Video subtitling costs depend on the type of project your business needs. Subtitle your videos and translate your content with blarlo to improve your positioning and international accessibility.

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