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Translating into Russian allows companies, especially those belonging to the luxury market, to enter the second country with the most millionaires in the world. Moreover, and from an infrastructure standpoint, the Russian government plans to invest 1 trillion dollars in infrastructure until 2020. It is also important to highlight that there are currently 278 million Russian speakers. However, the population density is very low due to the country’s large surface area. Hence the great importance of communication via the Internet.

Although it is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world with 278 million speakers, only 5.9% of websites are translated into Russian. Therefore, having a company’s products and services on the internet translated into Russian would give you access to a very interesting target audience.

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Professional native Russian translators

Professional native Russian translators

When you ask us for a translation into Russian, we assign you a native Russian translator with experience in your sector. Every Russian translator must meet the following requirements:

  • * Native Russian translator
  • * Specialized degree in translation
  • * A professional who is fully up-to-date
  • * Extensive experience
  • * Specialized and experienced in your sector

Professional translation into Russian of documents and texts from any line of business

The Russian market has undergone considerable changes in recent years, making it an interesting country in terms of exports with a volume of over 300 billion euros, and in the case of imports, a volume of 250 billion euros. This is why having your documents and contracts translated by a professional Russian translator is an interesting proposition if you wish to expand into Russian markets.

Most goods are exported to Europe and China, and imported from Europe, China, Japan, and the United States, languages for which blarlo offers professional translators, with Russian as the source or target language.

Moreover, our experience and methodology allows us to have segmented translators who are able to complete top quality translations of contracts, business documents, emails, catalogs, product descriptions, annual reports, articles, books, apps, games, instruction manuals, websites, e-commerce platforms, etc.

You may request any of these translation services into Russian (or from Russian) to other languages.

Certified Russian Translator

As already mentioned, two of the main pillars for access to the Russian market are imports and exports. This entails the need to translate large volumes of information, both from Russian and into Russian.

In many cases, these translations must be certified to guarantee that the translation is correct and reflects the content of the original document. For this reason, at, we have Russian translators that have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We offer certified translations from Russian to Spanish and from Spanish to Russian with legal validity inside and outside Spain.

It’s worth noting that certified translations are always delivered on paper, signed, and stamped by the Certified Translator, including a copy of the original. This is why at blarlo, we take care of the entire process, from managing the translation, to certifying the translation, and sending the physical documents to where the client needs them.

We work constantly with certified translations into Russian, usually in connection to government documents, public tenders, notarized papers, or court proceedings. We can offer you the best translation prices and very fast delivery times.

Russian-Spanish and Spanish-Russian translations

The Russian and Spanish markets have a high level of exchange of goods and services, as well as considerable tourist attractions, which makes translations from Russian to Spanish and from Spanish to Russian a very common occurrence in our translation agency’s day-to-day work. is a Spanish agency that has several native Russian translators, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality at a very affordable price. We can offer you translation services to or from Russian in the following specialties:

  • Russian translation services for e-commerce
  • Russian translation services for the architecture and construction industry
  • Russian translation services for e-learning
  • Russian translation services for websites
  • Russian translation services for the tourism industry
  • Russian translation services for audiovisual content
  • Russian translation services for the scientific community
  • Russian translation services for financial institutions
  • Certified translation services in Russian
  • Russian translation services for the advertising industry
  • Russian translation services for the legal and judicial sector
  • Literary translation services in Russian
  • Medical translation services in Russian
  • Russian translation services for the fashion and beauty industry
  • Videogame and software localization services into Russian

Prices and Rates for Russian Translation

The price of a translation to or from Russian depends on several factors, such as volume, repetition and field, but rest assured, it will always be delivered with the highest quality. At, all our Russian translators are native Russian translators and have extensive experience in translation work.

Get more information about our translation prices and request a quote for a translation to or from Russian. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.

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blarlo is an international translation agency that optimizes its professional German translation services with digital processes through the use of its Translation Optimization Platform (TOP), which gives clients access to professional Russian translators.

We drastically reduce the time required to complete professional Russian translations, from days to minutes/hours, with the highest quality, and bundling or reducing rates.

We work exclusively with the best professional Russian translators. We make certain that all our translators are professional translators, who have extensive experience and translate exclusively into Russian.

We specialize in translations into more than 100 languages, including: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

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