The bilateral trade of goods between Spain and China is characterized by a chronic deficit. The volume of Chinese imports is in line with the other countries of the region, but the volume of exports to China is relatively smaller.

Spain supplies China primarily with olive oil, bringing in great profits. Additionally, pork and wine are among the Spanish products that are greatly preferred in the Chinese market. Spanish cuisine is wildly popular in the Asian giant. And it is estimated that one out of ten Spanish exporters sells products to the Asian country.

Textiles and footwear continue to occupy the highest positions among the products that are mostly exported from China to Spain. However, high end products, like technological devices, are gaining market. Phone and computer equipment imports now rank second and third, respectively, and, between the two, they are higher than textile products. Electrical machinery and automotive equipment and components make up considerable volumes, as well.

On the other hand, Chinese investments in Spain are growing at a fast pace, making the Asian giant the tenth biggest investor in Spain, while the Iberian country has positioned itself as the ninth destination for Chinese investments in the European Union.

It is worth noting that good communication between Spain and China has played an important role in promoting the bilateral trade that both countries have experienced in recent decades. To successfully achieve these goals, they need to have the services of professional translation companies from Chinese to Spanish and from Spanish to Chinese, like, with the experience of having made hundreds of translations between these two languages.

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There are no similarities between Spanish and Chinese, so you should not place your trust in translators who are not sufficiently qualified or in online machine translation software, since artificial intelligence cannot properly grasp the expressions or the grammar that is specific to each language.

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Tourism between Spain and China is emerging, even though China sends the biggest number of tourists around the world, and the Iberian country is the number two recipient of tourists. Chinese tourists visit Spain for its cuisine, art, culture, and historical sights, and to learn the Spanish language, which curiously attracts them in a significant way.

Representatives of the hotel and restaurant industries, and shopping centers in Spain are making huge efforts to attract more and more Chinese tourists, especially through digital marketing aimed at Chinese audiences on the Internet.

Because of the huge market opportunities that exist in China, it is important for Spaniards to promote their products and services to the Asian country in a clear and accurate way. This is why our agency offers professional translations from Spanish to Chinese, ensuring that every word of the documents you wish to translate is translated by our professional native Chinese translators. They are experts in faithfully communicating the message that you wish to convey with no misunderstandings or incorrect grammar.

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China offers very good investment opportunities for Spanish companies, especially in terms of products and services, since industrialization has grown in the Asian country given its low production costs.  The demand for machinery, equipment, automobiles, and materials for the chemical industry is the most noteworthy of all the trade deals that China maintains.

It is clear to see how important it is to have the services of a professional and reliable Chinese to Spanish translator to help mediate with this Asian country and help your company achieve resounding success in the Chinese market. offers the services of our professional native Chinese translators who will ensure that communication between the two countries is transparent and effective.

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The increase in the number of Spanish companies in China demonstrates the potential of this bilateral relationship and the need to address it from a comprehensive and sustained perspective.

As the relationship between China and Spain has grown, so has the need for translation services from Chinese to Spanish and from Spanish to Chinese that meet the specific technical requirements that allow communication and business between the two countries to flow.

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