Germany is China's largest trading partner and technology exporter in Europe. German investments in China rank second among European countries. China, in turn, is Germany's second biggest trading partner outside the European Union, after the United States.

Trade between the two countries has given them mutual benefits and great openness. Additionally, both have agreed to extend bilateral cooperation and safeguard free trade.

Germany leads the market in the export of pork to China and the Asian country is the number three buyer of German cars.

The increased trade relations experienced by the Chinese and German markets has led to the considerable increase in the need for translation services from Chinese to German and from German to Chinese in recent years.

Nothing gives our professional translation agency greater satisfaction than having satisfied customers hire our services on a recurring basis and helping them grow their business across the globe.  That is why we strive to provide you with a translation service from Chinese to German and German to Chinese with superior quality, highly competitive delivery times, and unbeatable Chinese translation rates.

In the globalized world we live in, where technologies occupy a leading place in business, we are aware of the need to provide a smooth communication between China and Germany for our customers, and for this reason we have a select team of professional native Chinese translators.

At, we give your translations the importance they deserve, which makes it possible for your company to communicate transparently and with no language barriers.

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Experts in Translations from German into Chinese

China presents an immense market for both trade and investment. Chinese consumers do not have very clear and definite perceptions of Western companies, their brands, and products. This means great opportunity, but also a number of challenges for German companies wishing to export or invest in China.

When German companies face the challenge of settling in China and entering the eastern market, they must analyze in depth not only the characteristics of this market, but also the uniqueness of Chinese society. Culture is the first business challenge faced by Western enterprise in this country.

To enable trade between the two countries, our professional translations from German to Chinese make it possible to maintain the constant flow of communication. For this reason, we offer you the best professional native Chinese translators, who will make sure that your documents are translated with the detail and care they deserve.

Experts in Translations from Chinese into German

The Asian giant seeks a counterpart when it comes to exporting its products. The German market is one of its main customers.

China is a firm customs broker and seeks a trade balance. The countries it exports to are the ones it offers the most import deals. This is a simple but effective strategy, thanks to its enormous and extremely attractive potential for any country producing goods.

Therefore, any trade deal with China by a foreign company must assume this reciprocity.

With all the possibilities for establishing commercial, cultural, and educational relationships, it is necessary to have professional translation services from Chinese to German that are offered by professional native Chinese translators. They help create that business or professional connection that satisfactorily brings so many benefits. offers the services of professional native Chinese translators. No matter the field of expertise or the length of the text you wish to translate, you will always get an optimal result that will help you achieve your goals.

You have our guarantee that the translators in our Chinese to German and German to Chinese translation company:

  • Possess the official and certified qualifications to produce professional translations
  • Have a great deal of experience as professional Chinese to German translators
  • Are translation professionals with the goal of constantly updating their knowledge
  • Are professional native Chinese translators who are specialized in a wide range of translation fields

Technical Translation Services in Chinese

The exchange of goods and services between the German and Chinese markets requires a large number of reliable and professional technical, legal, and judicial translations.

For this reason, our professional translation agency even offers you the services of a Chinese certified translator who will transmit the message you wish to convey to your audience, always meeting the legal and technical needs that your documents require.

Chinese translation prices are calculated based on the length of the texts you want to have translated, as well as the format, the field of expertise, and the type of technical translation into Chinese that you need.

The following are some of the fields where we can help you with professional translations from Chinese to German and from German to Chinese:

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