Galicia is the fourth most proficient in English community in Spain. Still, it is estimated that more than 60% of Galicians do not speak the English language, while only 3% speak it fluently.

Gasoline and textiles account for 65% of Galician exports to the United States. The main Galician business on the other side of the Atlantic is gas tanks. In particular, the gasoline produced by refineries in A Coruña makes up more than half of the exports to the United States. The United States is the region’s seventh biggest export market in the world.

Galicia's trade relations with the British isles have regained the impetus they had lost. Galician exports to the UK have been increasing. Consumer goods are the community’s main export muscle. Galicia mainly sends automotive and textile products to the British Isles, totaling 70.2% of sales for the country.

Galicia has a large number of companies that continuously exchange export and import products with the United States and the United Kingdom. Obviously, each of these trade deals require documentation that must be translated into both languages. At, we make sure you get the best translation services from Galician to English and from English to Galician.

If you need to translate legal documents from Galician to English or from English to Galician, our translation agency has a team of professionals who can help you. A Galician certified translator has the necessary certifications to complete the translations of your legal texts from English to Galician and from Galician to English with complete accuracy, so that when you present them to government agencies, you won’t have any problems.

Have complete peace of mind and let blarlo’s team of native Galician translators translate your documents from Galician to English and from English to Galician. Rest assured, we will adapt our rates to suit your budget.

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Experts in Translations from English into Galician

Galician belongs to the family of Romance languages and is the result of the evolution of Latin introduced by the Romans in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is the language of the public media in Galicia and currently has a daily presence in commercial and leisure activities. However, at present it also faces difficulties in the business arena and even in the family contexts of the main Galician cities.

Blarlo offers professional translation services from English to Galician to facilitate communication in your negotiations and ensure the resounding success of your business goals.

All of the English to Galician professional translators in our translation agency:

  • Possess the official professional qualifications to produce translations from English to Galician
  • Have extensive experience
  • Are highly qualified professionals, who stay up-to-date and invest in their continuous training
  • All our experts are professional native Galician translators who specialize in the English language and have expertise in specific areas and fields.

Experts in Translations from Galician into English

Our agency’s team of professional native Galician translators are qualified not only for their academic certifications, but also for their excellent mastery of the English language, which is an advantage since the professional translations from Galician to English that they complete faithfully reflect the Galician and perfectly convey the message of the original document.

The terminology, phrases, idiomatic expressions, and technical language of the various types of documents are accurately translated from the Galician language to English by the professional translators of our translation company.

Technical Translation Services in Galician

In our team of professional Galician translators, we have certified translators and all kinds of technical specialists in various translation specialties who will accurately translate your documents into Galician.

We fully respect the technical language of each subject matter so that your texts do not lose their meaning when they are translated by our team of native Galician translators, which guarantees your message will reach your audience with no grammar or interpretation errors.

Our Galician translation company offers its technical translation services in the following fields of expertise:

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