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Strmec, Croatia (Hrvatska)

"I am highly experienced (18 years), native Croatian speaking translator top specialized for business/commerce, e-commerce, finance, marketing, business contracts. My strongest point is mix of rich combined in-house and freelance translation experience covering many various fields and industries."

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Besides working in paper producing industry, EU Project Management and as Consultant for EU funding-based cofinancing of corporate sector projects, I worked for 16 years in IT industry, in company Eurotrade from Rovinj, www.eurotrade.hr - certified Croatian distributer for Epson, HP, Xerox, Toshiba, Konica-Minolta, Fabriano Italy, Uni Ball Japan and other world famous brands (good part of this employment time as in-house translator for English and Italian; I also performed many middle and top management positions such as Brand, Product, Sales, Marketing and Key Account Manager for HP, Epson, Fabriano, Uni-Ball and some other brands). During my rich translation career (since 1999) I have also acquired skills and expertise to cover many other fields and industries; completed projects with topics from various industries (food and drink industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, printer industry, safety at work, etc. My top specialties are business, commerce, e-commerce, business contracts, marketing and finance. Additionally, I would also like to add strong academic business background. I hold Master of Economics degree obtained from University of Rijeka, Croatia, Faculty of Economics. THE MOST SIGNIFICANT TRANSLATION PROJECTS: 1) English-Croatian translation and localization of of EBCL (European Business Competence Licence) EU-verified and internationally widely accepted business management curriculum- covering all major topics related to accounting, finances, financial management, sales, marketing, business plan, commercial law and other business management issues (more project details on www.ebcl.eu Volume: 100,000 words - project done for EBCL International Centre, Wien, Austria 2) Bilingual English/Italian-Croatian translation of operating manuals, maintenance manuals and technical documentation for a line of machines producing blisters for pharmaceutical industry Volume: 125,000 words - done for Emilia Center Traduzioni, Italy; end client: one of the leading european manufacturers of these kinds of machines I would also like to point out my profound skills and experience in technical translations: (operating manuals and technical documentation for various types of machines) and software and IT applications localization/translation. Besides living in USA with an American family (on 1987 I have graduated from Joliet West High School, State of Illinois), I have lived in Italy for one year, with an Italian family. For 7 years I have worked as Product and Brand manager for brand Fabriano Italy - office, drawing and artistic papers and for two years for brand Epson having worked with Epson subsidiary in Italy - responsible for handling european operations of this Japanese IT brand. Thanks to these working experiences I have obtained profound knowledge also of business Italian. German skills: For the last five years, in addition to working on German-Croatian translation projects for several translation companies and their clients, I have been working as a language assistant for several Croatian companies doing business with German speaking markets. (for further details, please check my profile enclosed CV containing working experience history, list of my all working fields and the selection of most significant translation projects from my portfolio). Detailed insight to my profile with acquired skills, experiences and expertise along with feedbacks from satisfied clients available on the following link: http://www.proz.com/profile/1898441

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