Professional translator from Praha 3, Czech Republic

"Freelance translator with chemical education specialized in English technical texts from several fields and sciences."

Native in Czech

Working languages

English to Czech


Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Mechanical / Manufacturing
Medical/ Pharmaceutical

As original graduate of chemical university of Prague, I started with translations since 1990 as the second job. Soon I became the freelance translator with the specialization on English technical texts. I worked for various customers and translation agencies. So, the fields of my specialization are SW localizations, medical devices, research, electronics, telecommunications, software, environment, transport, information, and further technical and life sciences, chemistry etc. For 4 years, I was working for the Presto – Translation Centre, Prague, doing translations and proof-readings of translated EU documents. Also translated technical notifications for EU (98/34/ES), Currently: Working on chemical and pharmaceutical translations for Merck, translating user manuals for medical devices Leica, dealer courses Ford, localization SAP systems, MSDS, clinical studies etc. for various clients.

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