Professional translator from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"I am a translator, editor and proofreader working from English and Spanish into French in many specialised fields, with a particular taste for Touristic, Legal, Marketing, Institutional and International Cooperation texts. I have diversed linguistic skills, including: translation, editing, proofrea"

Native in French

Working languages

English to French
English (British) to French
Spanish (Spain) to French


General Business / Commerce
Private Correspondence, Letters
Cosmetics / Beauty
Legal documents / Contracts
History / Archaeology
Internet, e-commerce
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Information Technology
Travel & Tourism

I have a Ba in Modern Languages and a Ma in Translation (EMT Master, i.e European Master's in Translation, recognised by the EU), both passed with honours. I also spent a year abroad in the UK in 2014-2015. I was the deputy-president of a Junior Company ran by the students of year 2 of my Master's degree, as well as translator/editor/proofreader/interpreter/project manager. I've carried out 2 internships : one 3 months in Bilbao (Spain) between May and August 2016 and one 6 months in Linlithgow (UK).

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