Professional translator from Poole, United Kingdom

"As a former international executive, I have acquired experience in many industrial fields. When it comes to translation, an email is a better form of contact as it helps him to understand your translation needs more clearly. If you have any queries, please feel free to email him."

Native in French & French (Canada).

Working languages

English to French
Swedish to French
Spanish (Spain) to French


Aerospace / Defence
Civil Engineering / Construction
Corporate Social Responsibility
Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
General Business / Commerce
History / Archaeology
Information Technology
Legal documents / Contracts
Literary Translations
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Mechanical / Manufacturing
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Private Correspondence, Letters
Shipping / Sailing / Maritime
Social Science
Travel & Tourism

I have translated for more than 10 years after gaining a Certificate in translation issued by the . of Toronto (Canada). My previous professional included international sales and aviation. I have a broad experience in many industries. I ma a French national.

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