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"I am an enthusiast of language. Its quite interesting fact of joining the field of translation while my education is in software engineering. I am M.Tech. in Computer Science. Came into this field when my friend was looking for help in website localization project."

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Translation Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
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Translation Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
Translation Games / Video Games / Casino
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Translation Insurance
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Translation Legal documents / Contracts
Translation Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
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I am Dhiiraj from India with native language Hindi and working in this industry since 2009. During this period I did lots of translation projects in various domains like Information Tech, Website/App localization, Government & Political, Marketing, Medical, Finance & Banking, E-commerce etc., but my specialization is in Information technology means Software/Website/Mobile app/Video Game/Casino/Poker/Finance translations and due to my education background and work experience that always stand out me from the crowd for these projects. I did Masters of Technology in Computer Science and Engg. and having programming language experience as well. So can work with any kind of file with or without CAT tools. As I am aware of technical terms used in these kinds of projects that help me to understand it in a better way in comparison to any general translator. I know that how to translate the source text belongs to a button, a drop-down menu, used in the hyperlink or related fields considering overall original layout/UI remains intact so I specifically put a focus on character count while translating these kinds of projects. I am working as a Translator/Reviewer with - ULG for American Elections, - All-In Translations Ltd. from Malta, - Q-Loc from Poland, - Pangea Langs of Cyprus for Casino, Poker, gaming, Video Games - Recently done Gangstar Vegas Master video game localization with word count around 50,000, - Having part of Neo Jump Arena, Hill Climbing, Dune Racing localization etc. - I have done and still doing the localization of many mobile apps from GOMO Ltd. from China like GO Music, GO Keyboard, GO Security, Go Launcher, Z-Camera etc. - Associated with CheetaMobie from China for Panda Keyboard, Cheeta Keyboard, Live.me - Associated with HelloPal Ltd from Hongkong for HelloPal, TravelPal. LangaugePal, TouchPal. - I along with my brother have worked for a well-known language portal of Russia www.palex.ru for whom we translated reputed trading website www.exnex.com. - Done Google assistant project with Venga Global of around 100K words using MemoQ. - I am selected as a reviewer for Motorola mobile apps interface by Lionbridge. -Regularly receive the work from Pepperstone.com and Finacial.org , UFX.com for their website's financial matter including Cryptocurrencies. -Recently selected as Head Translator for Crypto-translations.com -Recently, 31st August translated a Survey of around 3250 words for Boston Research Technologies, LLC. I have worked with SMARTLING, XTM, TRADOS, WORDFAST, MEMOQ and many other popular offline and online CAT tools. For further details please find my resume attached herewith.

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