Aditya, Professional translator Indonesian

Bandung, Indonesia

"I have a great ability to create natural and flowing translation so that you don't notice the text is translated from another language. I've worked with materials from big name companies such as Johnson & Johnson, AXA and many others. Please refer to my resume for your consideration."

Working languages

English Indonesian


Translation Games / Video Games / Casino
Translation General
Translation Information Technology
Translation Internet, e-commerce
Translation Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations

I provide natural and flowing translations with retained accuracy. Materials that I've done and have been doing: -Countless browser-based and mobile games from well known publishers and developers -Five books for a big local publisher -Numerous TV series and movies -Medical documents for a widely known insurance company -Various materials from a leading IT company -Recipes and food safety guide -Healthcare web pages -Camera user guide for a major camera manufacturer -Asian Youth Games web pages -Questionnaires and promotional materials for a leading networking hardware company -Language app for iOS -Canadian academic website -Tagline contest instructions for a leading Mexican bank -and many more

Translation service Business

Subject to quote 0.04-0.12 $ / word
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Service for businesses with regular translation requirements, or large volume projects. Contact us to register on our technological platform, which optimizes the translation process and therefore reduces costs. The more you translate, the more you optimize the translation process.

Translation service Post-editing for businesses

From 0.04 $ / word
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For large volumes of recurring content (over 200,000 word per month). We offer you automatic translation services with post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service at the best price.

Translation service Instant and professional

  0.12 $ / word
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For clients with specific needs, we can provide instant translation via our online platform. As soon as you submit your text for translation, our translators will start translating it in a matter of minutes. You can request all kinds of translation, from tweets to contracts or web pages.

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