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Nocera Inferiore, Italy

"I have been translating and proofreading as a freelancer for the past 22 years. I hold a strong scientific background. My fields of expertise cover: Automotive & Transport, Automation & Robotics, Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering, Energy & Power Generation, Information Technology / Localization"

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Translation Accounting & Finance
Translation Aerospace / Defence
Translation Automotive
Translation Corporate Social Responsibility
Translation Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Translation Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
Translation Environment
Translation General
Translation General Business / Commerce
Translation Information Technology
Translation Insurance
Translation Internet, e-commerce
Translation Legal documents / Contracts
Translation Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
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Translation Media / Journalism / Publishing
Translation Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Translation Science
Translation Telecommunications
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My name is Michele Esposito and I am a full time Italian native translator with a Diploma degree in Translations. I have been translating and proofreading as a freelancer for the past 22 years and I am trying to expand my network and set up long term collaborations. I hold a strong scientific background. My fields of expertise cover: Automotive & Transport, Automation & Robotics, Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering, Energy & Power Generation, Information Technology / Localization, Finance, Forex, Law, Marketing / Market Research, Media, Industrial / Automotive Patents, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutics, Biotech, Military & Defense (namely documentation related to missile systems for MBDA). I would like to respectfully offer my translation expertise to you / your company. I work with CAT tools such as Trados Studio 2009 / 2011 / 2014 / 2017, TagEditor, WordFast, Across, MemoQ, Across, DejaVuX, Transit NXT, Passolo, Wordfast Pro and LocStudio. As far as my specific translation skills are concerned, you could benefit from my experience built up for high end-clients such as Microsoft, Intel, H3C, Siemens, Konica, Exxon-Mobil, 3Com, Epson, Xerox, SAP, Man Turbo, MBDA, Snam, Enhesa, Kodak, HP, Panasonic, Hertz, Brystol-Myers, Sony, Disney, Nintendo, Maquet, Datascope, Russell Investments, Banca Fideuram, Amundi, Wawlett, MBDA, XBT Provider, M&G Securities, Planmeca/Planmed, Merck/Serono, A/S Ellipse, MedArt A/S, Medtronics, Medicor, Schwarzkopf, etc.,. Education: 1995: Master's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Salerno – Italy 1992: Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting - ISIT - Istituto Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori - Maddaloni - CE - Italy Rates, Turnaround & Availability. i) My minimum rate for technical translations is of 0.1 € per source word for doc. content (negotiable depending on the parameters of the project). ii) My minimum rate for editing technical translations is of 0.04 € per source word. iii) I have a minimum/hourly charge of 45 €. iv) I am able to translate a source text of around 3000 - 4000 words per working day. v) I can also accept payments via Paypal. vi) Availability: Full time translator, sometimes available on weekends. CAT Tools: 1. SDL Trados Workbench and Tag Editor 2. SDL Studio 20014, and 2017 3. MemoQ 4. Memsource 5. XTM 6. WordFast 7. Passolo 8. Transit NXT 9. Across 10. LocStudio 11. Alchemy Catalyst 12. Translation Workspace 13. Xliff Editor 14. QA tools (Xbench, QA Distiller, LTB, etc.) Want to know HOW I WORK? Step 1: Analyze documents and verify its nature/domain Step 2: Accumulate all necessary references required during the project (Online and offline domain specific dictionaries / glossaries, reference documentations etc.) Step 3: Start the translation Step 4: Do a QA check after the translation is complete QA process includes up to 7 stages: Terminology check Style check Spelling check Consistency check Check of placeholders and numbers (if using CAT Tools or in HTML files) Tags check (if using CAT Tools or in HTML files) Upon request I may implement additional check. Step 5: Proofread/Review the document Step 6: Read through the translated document without referring to the source document to correct any linguistic errors. Step 7: Deliver the file(s) to the client in the desired format requested by the client Business Introduction You can find attached my CV, references, rates and a brief list (not exhaustive) showing you the most important projects I have been involved in for your consideration. For a further insight about my skills, background, referees and samples of my work, please do not hesitate to visit my updated professional profile at: http://www.proz.com/profile/51811. You can also visit my Proz profile for feedback and references at https://www.proz.com/feedback-card/51811.

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