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"Self-motivated translator with 3+ years of experience and 500,000+ words translated. Specializing in Tourism & Hospitality. Excellent cultural sensitivity and eager to learn unfamiliar stuff for better quality work. Proficient in time management for on-time delivery."

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Cosmetics / Beauty
Games / Video Games / Casino
General Business / Commerce
Information Technology
Internet, e-commerce
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Private Correspondence, Letters
Travel & Tourism

Working as a freelance English to Korean translator since 2015, I have been providing a highly professional language service for 3+ years. I specialize in tourism & hospitality, mobile & video games, and marketing & advertising with experience in translating, or localizing, various types of materials, such as documents, web pages, images, games, or applications. With a BA in English and English Literature, I like to read books, both fictions and non-fictions. This helps me not only to have fun but also to broaden my knowledge and hone my language skills. And I make the most of this professional expertise while I work. Translation service is all about quality and accuracy. Speed is also an important factor, and yet how well it is written and how accurately it conveys the original meaning are far more significant. And that is what I have my strongest focus on. To provide a customer with a high-quality translation is my number-one priority.

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