Professional translator from Seoul, Korea, Republic of

"English to Korean, Korean 0.04 USD per word, 4000 capacity a day. Proz Profile: Skype: helloseulaa Experiences. ● Transnatural Art & Design Instagram Ad ● Agenda Documentation for the Commercial Office of the Emb"

Native in Korean

Working languages

English to Korean
Spanish (Spain) to Korean


Cosmetics / Beauty
Games / Video Games / Casino
General Business / Commerce
Information Technology

First of all, I have excellent skills in using CAT tools like Trados, Wordfast pro, MemeQ. Needless to say, all the MS office programs. So there is no way I will bother you with any computer/program related problem. Also, You will be able to contact me 24/7. I usually work with European companies. Even though, I live in Asia, I switch my day and night to have a better communication with PMs. I am sure it will be well annoying when your translator do not respond quickly. I will not be the case.

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