Professional translator from Minsk, Belarus

"I am a freelance English to Russian medical translator based in Minsk (Belarus). I'm a native Russian speaker. My experience includes both patient and specialist facing documents."

Native in Russian

Working languages

English to Russian


Medical/ Pharmaceutical

I am a freelance English to Russian translator based in Minsk (Belarus). I'm a native Russian speaker. Due to my extensive experience in the chemical scientific research area, I have in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical terminology and industry procedures. I have more than 5 years of experience in English to Russian medical translations including both specialist-facing documents (such as Investigators Brochures, Adverse events reports, Applications, Study Protocols and Amendments; Case Reports Forms (CRFs), Documents delivered to investigator site staff such as manuals for equipment and patient recruitment tools) and patient-facing documents (Informed Content Forms (ICF), Patient Cards, Patient diaries, Patient Information Sheets, ICF Booklets, Diary cards, Patient Questionnaires, Advertisement and Posters).

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