Professional translator from Madrid, Spain

"I am a person with attention to detail and my approach to translation is client oriented, so you will get exactly the kind of quality and end user oriented translation you seek. I offer professional excellence and quality, as well as promptness and timely delivery."

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English to Spanish (Spain)


Private Correspondence, Letters
Cosmetics / Beauty
Information Technology
Travel & Tourism

I hold a Bachelors Degree in translation and interpreting from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and I worked five years as in-house translator in a translation agency, where I translated texts in a variety of technical fields. Since February 2008 I work on a freelance basis. During this 16 years I have translated, amongst others: -Technical documentation for industry leaders; the type of texts translated include user guides, technical manuals, user interfaces and software strings amongst others. -Fashion & beauty translations for renowned brands and for the luxury goods sector; for example, fashion forecasts, press releases, product descriptions, websites, catalogues and booklets. -Translations related to human resources for global companies; the types of texts translated include training materials, e-learning courses, PowerPoint presentations, booklets and performance reviews. -Travel & tourism texts: hotel descriptions, port guides, information sheets, menus

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