Ana Belén, Professional translator Spanish (Spain)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Spanish (Spain)

"When you entrust me your documents you will receive the best quality and the expecting results, you will obtain a service in the most professional way, with diligence, punctuality and accuracy."

Working languages

English Spanish (Spain)
French Spanish (Spain)


Translation Legal documents / Contracts
Translation Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Translation Music

I am a freelance translator from English and French into Spanish. Regarding my translating education, I studied a Degree in Translation and Interpretation in English and French. After that, I did a MA in Institutional Translation from English into Spanish and later on I started my Degree in (Spanish) Law, which is still in process. In addition, I have complete law courses recently such as Contract Law and Company Law as a complementary education for my knowledge and background in Law. Concerning my professional career, I have been translating for more than four years. My fields of specialisation are legal, institutional and economic translation. We can highlighted various major end-clients including the EU, well-known European Fintech, and significant retail companies, among others.

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Service for businesses with regular translation requirements, or large volume projects. Contact us to register on our technological platform, which optimizes the translation process and therefore reduces costs. The more you translate, the more you optimize the translation process.

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For large volumes of recurring content (over 200,000 word per month). We offer you automatic translation services with post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service at the best price.

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For clients with specific needs, we can provide instant translation via our online platform. As soon as you submit your text for translation, our translators will start translating it in a matter of minutes. You can request all kinds of translation, from tweets to contracts or web pages.

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