Ana Belén

Professional translator from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"When you entrust me your documents you will receive the best quality and the expecting results, you will obtain a service in the most professional way, with diligence, punctuality and accuracy."

Native in Spanish (Spain)

Working languages

English to Spanish (Spain)
French to Spanish (Spain)


Legal documents / Contracts
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations

I am a freelance translator from English and French into Spanish. Regarding my translating education, I studied a Degree in Translation and Interpretation in English and French. After that, I did a MA in Institutional Translation from English into Spanish and later on I started my Degree in (Spanish) Law, which is still in process. In addition, I have complete law courses recently such as Contract Law and Company Law as a complementary education for my knowledge and background in Law. Concerning my professional career, I have been translating for more than four years. My fields of specialisation are legal, institutional and economic translation. We can highlighted various major end-clients including the EU, well-known European Fintech, and significant retail companies, among others.

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