Professional translator from Mount Kisco, United States

"As a child, I tried to learn German and Russian with two travel conversation guides. I work in the fields of the life and physical sciences and have over 10 years of experience; I like cooking, metal music, linguistics, and I still get excited about buying conversation guides."

Native in Spanish (Spain)

Working languages

English to Spanish (Spain)
German to Spanish (Spain)
Russian to Spanish (Spain)


Aerospace / Defence
Civil Engineering / Construction
Cosmetics / Beauty
Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
Legal documents / Contracts
Mathematics and Physics
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Travel & Tourism

I have a degree in Translation Studies, have worked in a handful of countries and am currently based in the NY metro area. I have millions of words' worth of translation in technical translation, and also have extensive experience as a legal translator, mainly related to US immigration processes.

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