Juan Carlos

Professional translator from Cayaltí, Peru

"I am a native Spanish speaker from Peru with a degree in Translation and Interpretation. Likewise, I have a good knowledge of CAT tools. My field of specialty is tourism, but I can also work as a subtitler since I have a good domain of software such as Aegisub and Subtitle WorkShop."

Native in Spanish (Latin America)

Working languages

English to Spanish (Latin America)
Portuguese (Brazil) to Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain) to Spanish (Latin America)


Private Correspondence, Letters
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Information Technology
Travel & Tourism

I am passionate about languages and translation because it makes feel that I can learn even while I work. My studies at university were amazing. I learnt a lot of things. I practised on different kinds of translations such as tourism, legal, technical, economic, and audiovisual translation. Even as a student, I worked on some short projects which encourages me to improve my skills. Finally, I realized one thing: 'In life, you must not stop learning'. That is what I am trying to do right now.

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