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Neiva, Colombia
Spanish (Latin America)

"I am a Colombian English>Spanish Translator (more than 50 books translated for a publishing company (USA). Technical translator and general/non-technical translator. Very competitive rates for general/non-technical translations"

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English Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Latin America)


Translation Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
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I am a Colombian English>Spanish Translator (10 years experience, more than 50 books translated). My thesis of Petroleum Engineering was the translation of the ASTM tests for gas laboratory. I am expert in translating documents, manuals and websites related to oil and gas, because I was exposed to both languages at the University (classes in Spanish and 70% of books in English), and I began my journey as a translator at that time. I master the terminology of oil and gas: exploration, drilling, completion, production, well testing, natural gas, petrochemical, refining and pipeline assembly. In 2009, I translated a technical book of plumbing called “La guía completa sobre plomería” (which is in Amazon) for Black and Decker; very difficult, but the translation was successful. It is a good sample of my technical work in other subject matters (80,000 words). As a freelance translator I translated more than 50 books for Llewellyn Publications (USA); books of New Age, religion, self-help, philosophy, healing, feng shui and other topics. The last couple of years I have translated different technical and general texts and documents.

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